:) Full talk-time on Rs.220, Rs.2000, Rs.2200, Rs.2500 & Rs.3000. Extra talk-time on Rs.550 (talktime-575), Rs. 1100 (talktime-1200) , Rs.3300 (talktime-3500) & Rs.5500 (talktime - 6000)

Free 50MB Data from AP BSNL

Friday, 5 December 2014

Good news to all BSNL customers, AP BSNL is offering free 50MB data for new/existing customers w.e.f 06-Dec-2014 with following details.

Free data details:

Applicable forOffer Validity
New connection, validity extension and migration of plan Free 50MB data 30 days
On every Top-up of Rs.100 / Rs.200 Free 50MB data 7 days

AP BSNL ISD Special Tariff Vouchers

Monday, 20 October 2014

AP BSNL has introduced new ISD STV-18 with reduced call rates to Nepal from 15-Oct-2014.

ISD calling becomes cheaper with these STVs and  are available for both 2G&3G customers.

ISD STV Details:

MRP of ISD STV (Rs) Countries Voice Call Rate (Rs./Min) SMS Rate (Rs) Validity
18 Nepal 6.50 5 30
41 Canada, China, Singapore, U.S.A 1.49 3 30
27 Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand 2.99 3 30
38 France, Germany, UK 4.99 3 30
22 Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait 6.49 3 30

ISD voice and SMS rate will be allowed while in roaming in BSNL network.

AP BSNL 3G Data Plans

Sunday, 5 October 2014

All these data vouchers can be activated by sending SMS to 123 by deducting amount from available main balance.

 2G/3G Data Voucher Details:

2G/3G Uniform Data RCV
(MRP in Rs)
Free Data
(in days)
SMS Code
4 20MB 1 (ends at 11:59pm, on same day) STV DATA4
7 1GB 1 (ends at 11:59pm, on same day) STV DATA7
16 2GB 1 (ends at 11:59pm, on same day) STV DATA16
17 110MB 1 STV DATA17
28 150MB 3 STV DATA28
39 200MB 5 STV DATA39
56 250MB 21 STV DATA56
78 2GB 3 STV DATA78
98 1.5GB/day 26 STV DATA98
155 2GB/day 17 STV DATA155
241 2.7GB 30 STV DATA241
597 6GB 180 STV DATA597
1197 14GB 365 STV DATA1197
1498 91GB 365 STV DATA1498

There will be no differentiation for use of 3G or 2G network as BSNL has enabled its all subscribers with 3G facility and they can use the service anytime simply by having 3G handset.

So you can get 3G speeds with any (2G/3G) plan, if your handset supports 3G and you are in a 3G coverage area. If free data limit is crossed, data is charged at 3ps/10KB.

Bandham Plan For AP BSNL Landline/WLL Customers

Saturday, 30 August 2014

AP BSNL revised Bhandam Pland w.e.f 28-Aug-2014 as follows:
  • Free calls to Landline are reduced to 20min/day from existing 30min/day.
  • Plan valdity is increased to 180 days from existing 90 days.
Existing Customers in this plan will continue to avail the pre-revised tariff till the end of the current validity of their plan.

Bandham Plan Details:

SIM Cost:
2G : Free
3G : Rs.59/-
Plan Voucher Cost : 75
Free TalkValue : 2000sec-onnet^, 2000sec-offnet^
Free SMS : NIL
Free Data Usage:NIL
Voice Call Charges:
To one Landline/WLL :Free 20 Min/day
on-net mobile :1.8Ps/Sec(Local/STD)
off-net mobile :1.8Ps/Sec(Local/STD)
on-net fixed :1.8Ps/Sec(Local/STD)
off-net fixed :1.8Ps/Sec(Local/STD)
Reduced Call Charges(F&F):NA
Night Call Charges: NA
Video Call Charges:
Incoming :NA
outgoing  on-net :NA
outgoing off-net :NA
Free SMS per month: Nil
SMS Charges:
Local :80ps
National :Rs.1.20
International :Rs.5
Data Usage Charges : Rs0.02/10KB
Roaming Charges:
Incoming call :45ps/Min
outgoing local call :80ps/Min (Any N/W)
outgoing STD call :Rs.1.15/Min (Any N/W)
Incoming SMS :Free
outgoing local SMS :25ps
outgoing national SMS :38ps
International :Rs.5
Incoming video call :5Ps/Sec
outgoing video call :5Ps/Sec (Local/STD, Any N/W)
Validity: 180 days

Plan validity will be extended by recharging with Bandham plan voucher Rs.75 for every 180 days.

Landline/WLL should be on your name only and last paid bill should be submitted.

^To be used within 30 days. 

40% CashBack on Mobile Recharges at Paytm.com

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Paytm online mobile recharge site is offering 40% cashback on recharges and bill payments. Use coupon code CB40. Maximum cashback is limited to Rs.40 for each transaction. One user can use it a maximum of 3 times.

AP BSNL is offering full & extra talktime offers, use both these offers to save a few bucks.

Terms & Conditions:

  • One promo code can be used up to 3 times by one user
  • Offer can only be availed by using code CB40
  • Offer valid on recharge or bill payment orders
  • Offer valid for only till 28th Aug 2014 till 11.59 pm
  • Valid for both new and old users
  • Offer valid across all Paytm platforms – on Paytm.com or mobile apps
  • Cash back will be credited into the user’s account within an hour of the order

Note: Before posting this offer, I checked it and is working.

Extra Validity of 2G/3G Data STV from 14-August-2014

Saturday, 16 August 2014

On the occasion of Independence day, AP BSNL is providing extra validity on Data STV-561, STV-821, STV-1011 and STV-1949 from 14-August-2014 to 11-Nov-2014.

2G/3G Data Voucher Details:

Uniform Data RCV
(MRP in Rs)
Free Data
(in days)
5615GB30 + 30
101110GB30 + 60
8217GB60 + 30
194920GB60 + 30

Extra validity is shown in bold.

There will be no differentiation for use of 3G or 2G network as BSNL has enabled its all subscribers with 3G facility and they can use the service anytime simply by having 3G handset.

So you can get 3G speeds with any (2G/3G) plan, if your handset supports 3G and you are in a 3G coverage area.

AP BSNL Introduces Two Unlimited Postpaid Data Add-on Plans

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

AP BSNL introduced two new unlimited data Add-on plans under postpaid GSM mobile services w.e.f 02-Aug-2014. If you are a postpaid user go to nearest BSNL office to activate these add-on plans.

Details of the Postpaid Add-on Data Plans:

Fixed Monthly Charges
(Excl Service Tax) in Rs
Free UsageAdditional tariff details
240UnlimitedSpeed 80kbps beyond 1GB 
340UnlimitedSpeed 80kbps beyond 2GB 

AP BSNL Introdcues Three New STD STV: STV-16, STV-42 and STV-84

AP BSNL introduced three new STD vouchers under prepaid 2G/3G GSM services from 02-Aug-2014 for a period of 90 days:

MRP of STV in Rs. (incl. of S.Tax)
STV Feature
SMS keyword to be sent to 123
Amount to be deducted by IN Rs
All STD calls @ Rs.1.30/3Min
30 days
All STD calls @ Rs.0.40/Min
30 days
All STD calls @ Rs.0.35/Min
84 days

AP BSNL: Introduces F&F STV-97 for Per Min/Per Sec/Bandham Prepaid Plans

AP BSNL introduced new Friends & Family STV-97 under prepaid GSM 2G/3G services w.e.f 03-Aug-2014 as follows:

MRP of STV in Rs.(incl. of S.Tax)
STV Feature
SMS keyword to be sent to 53733
Amount to be deducted by IN Rs
1. 60 Minutes any net voice call 
2. Reduced call charges to 5 friend & family Local numbers while in Home LSA. Onnet @ 20ps/min & offnet @ 40ps/min. 
3. SMS charges: Local @ 10ps/SMS & STD @ 50ps/SMS
90 days

This F&F STV is applicable to New Per Min, New Per Sec and New Bandham plans only.

For the first time, the customer has to register 5 F&F numbers and on subsequent recharges of F&F STV, the already registered numbers will continue. The numbers can be changed any number of times and each time Rs.5/ - will be charged per number.

AP BSNL Introduces New Roaming STV-33 with 7 Days Validity

Thursday, 31 July 2014

BSNL introduces new National roaming STV under 2G & 3G prepaid mobile services in AP telecom circle with effect from 01-Aug-2014 for a period of 90 days.

MRP of STV in Rs. ( incl. of S.Tax )
STV Feature
SMS keyword to be sent to 53733
Amount to be deducted by IN Rs
Incoming free in National Roaming.
Outgoing Local/STD calls @ 1.5p/sec
7 days

Note: Existing Combo SMS STV-33 is revised to STV-32 without change in tariff.

AP BSNL Announces More Postpaid Bill Payment Options

Sunday, 1 June 2014

BSNL AP Circle announced the new GSM Postpaid bill payment channels for postpaid customers in addition to existing channels: BSNL CSCs, Mobile App and online portal etc.

Now, the Customers can also pay their GSM post-paid bills through all BSNL Franchisees / Retailers.

Are you a postpaid customer? If so, what is your preferred bill payment channel.

AP BSNL Introduces new Data STV-155 with Free 1GB Data

Monday, 26 May 2014

AP BSNL introduced new data STV with MRP Rs.155/- for prepaid 2G/3G customers, offering 1GB free data with 30 days validity.

AP BSNL Introduces STV-35 With 600 Free SMS

Friday, 9 May 2014

AP BSNL introduced new SMS voucher STV-35 under prepaid 2G & 3G mobile services from 07-May-2014.

SMS STV-35 details:

(MRP in Rs)
(in days)
35Free 600 SMS, Local/National any network 15

Find all SMS STV availavle in AP BSNL circle here

AP BSNL Introduces Prepaid "New General Plan" from 01-March-2014

Saturday, 1 March 2014

BSNL Launches "New General Prepaid Plan" from 1-March-2014 under 2G&3G prepaid services in AP telecom circle.

When compared with Nestham plan, this plan doesn't give you free monthly SMS and Friends and Family scheme is  not allowed. There is no advantage in switching to this plan.

New General Prepaid Plan Details:

Plan Voucher Cost : Rs.103
Initial Freebies:

Talk-time : Rs.103
Video Call : NIL
Data : NIL
Voice Call Charges:
On-net: 60ps/min - Local/STD
Off-net: 70ps/min - Local/STD
Video Call Charges:
: Rs.2/min - Local/STD
: Rs.2/min - Local/STD
SMS Charges:
Local : On-net @ 60ps / Off-net @ 70ps
National : On-net @ 70ps / Off-net @ 80ps
ISD : Rs.5/SMS
Data Usage Charges : 2ps/10KB
Roaming Charges:
Incoming call :Rs.0.75/min
Outgoing local call :Re.1/Min (Any N/W)
Outgoing STD call :Rs.1.5/Min (Any N/W)
Incoming SMS :Free
Outgoing local SMS :Re.1
Outgoing national SMS :Rs.1.50
International SMS :Rs.5
Incoming video call :Re.1/min
outgoing video call :Re.2/min (Local/STD, Any N/W)
Validity: 180 days

AP BSNL Broadband Configuration/Troubleshooting Guide

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Modem screenshot before upgrade
As you all are eagerly waiting  to test revised broadband speeds from 01-Feb-2014, I am giving small guide regarding how to check your Line speed.

Screenshot shows some of the parameters regarding ADSL connection in my TP-LINK modem. 

SNR Margin / Line Attenuation shows your line quality. 

SNR should be high (more than 20db) and Line attenuation should be low. (Less than 40db).

Max Rate shows your ADSL line maximum possible data rate . In the figure it shows ~20Mbps download speed and ~1Mbps upload speed.

But BSNL caps the port speed at the exchange, that is shown as Data Rate in the figure. I am in Home Combo ULD 650 plan, so my line speed is capped to 1999kbps (2Mbps) download speed. To get revised speed (4Mbps in ULD 650 plan) , BSNL has to increase this port speed to 4000kbps (Which has to be done at exchange by BSNL).

You can also check these values by logging into your modem via browser and find whether your port speed is modified according to the revised speeds corresponding to your plan.
Modem screenshot after upgrade

Update (13-Feb-2014):

Here is the latest screenshot of my Line parameters. Now it shows increased Data Rate of 4000kbps in Downstream.

Update (23-Feb-2014):

Speedtest.net result after FUP limit.

BB Speed testBB Speed test after FUP limit

AP BSNL Wireless Market Share as on Dec-2013

Saturday, 22 February 2014

According to latest telecom subscriber base report released by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) as on 31-December-2013, BSNL increased it's market share from 14.52% (as on 30-June-2013) to 14.75% in Andhra Pradesh telecom circle in wireless segment( GSM, CDMA and FWP).

Total subscriber base in AP as on 31-Dec-2013 is 6,56,49,435 (~6.56 crores), out of this BSNL has subscriber base of 96,80,901 (~96.8 lakhs).

BSNL has added 2,30,428 (~2.3 lakhs) new subscribers to it's network during this six months period (30th June to 31st December). 

Airtel has a market share of 29.61% (~1.94crores) followed by Idea with a market share of 18.08% (~1.18 crores).

BSNL stood third with 96,80,901 (~96.8 lakhs) subscribers, which is equivalent to a market share of 14.75%.

AP BSNL Offers 7.2Mbps & 14.4Mbps Data Cards at Reduced Price

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

For new 2G/3G data plan voucher(DPV) customers, AP BSNL is offering 7.2Mbps and 14.4Mbps data cards at a reduced price from 20-Jan-2014 for a period of 90 days.

Data Plan Voucher7.2Mbps Data Card Price(Rs)14.4Mbps Data Card Price(Rs)

AP BSNL is Offering 3.6Mbps Data Card at Reduced Price

Wednesday, 1 January 2014

For new data plan voucher(DPV) customers, AP BSNL is offering 3.6Mbps data card at reduced price from 01-Jan-2014 till 31-March-2014.

Data Plan VoucherData Card Price(Rs)