:) Full talk-time on Rs.220, Rs.2000, Rs.2200, Rs.2500 & Rs.3000. Extra talk-time on Rs.550 (talktime-575), Rs. 1100 (talktime-1200) , Rs.3300 (talktime-3500) & Rs.5500 (talktime - 6000)

Choose Your Mobile Numbers Scheme from AP BSNL

Monday 12 December 2011

CYMNAP BSNL came up with innovative idea of choosing a prepaid mobile number of your choice from one lakh numbers(at the time of writing this it is 94,295 and decreasing at very fast rate) through web for free.

How to reserve number of your choice?

  1. Select your Zone and Circle
  2. Choose a number, click on Reserve Numbers button and enter your existing mobile number.
  3. You will get a seven digit PIN(One Time Password), enter this PIN on the site to confirm.
  4. Go to your nearest BSNL CSC or Franchise, inform the mobile number and PIN and submit the documents to get new prepaid GSM SIM.
  5. No extra amount is charged for selecting the number, only pay for plan.
  6. Your reserved number will be valid for 96 hours only.

Update 1 (12th December): BSNL kept two lakh choice numbers in the site. As of now(8:25PM) 1,93,198 numbers are available.

AP BSNL Postpaid Plan-325

Sunday 4 December 2011

This plan comes with Rs.300 free usage value and free 250MB data.

Plan Details:

Fixed Monthly Charges : Rs.325/-
Optional  3G FMC : Nil
Free Usage worth per month : Rs.300
Free SMS Worth per month : Nil
Free Data per month : 250MB
Voice Call Charges:
On-net :Local-30Ps/Min, STD-50Ps/Min
Off-net :50Ps/Min(Local/STD)
Reduced Call Charges(F&F): -
Night Calling Charges: -
SMS Charges:
Local/National :50Ps
International :Rs.5
Data Charges: Rs.0.01/10kB
Video Call Charges:
Local :70Ps/Min(any n/w)
STD :Re.1/Min(any n/w)
Roaming Charges:
Incoming Call :Free from 15-06-2015 for 1 year
Outgoing Call :50Ps/Min (Local/STD, any n/w)
SMS charges :25Ps/SMS (Local/National), Rs.5/SMS(Intnl)
Incoming Video Call :Re.1/Min
Outgoing Video Call :Rs.1.50/Min (Local/STD, any n/w)