:) Full talk-time on Rs.220, Rs.2000, Rs.2200, Rs.2500 & Rs.3000. Extra talk-time on Rs.550 (talktime-575), Rs. 1100 (talktime-1200) , Rs.3300 (talktime-3500) & Rs.5500 (talktime - 6000)

AP BSNL: Introduces F&F STV-97 for Per Min/Per Sec/Bandham Prepaid Plans

Tuesday 5 August 2014

AP BSNL introduced new Friends & Family STV-97 under prepaid GSM 2G/3G services w.e.f 03-Aug-2014 as follows:

MRP of STV in Rs.(incl. of S.Tax)
STV Feature
SMS keyword to be sent to 53733
Amount to be deducted by IN Rs
1. 60 Minutes any net voice call 
2. Reduced call charges to 5 friend & family Local numbers while in Home LSA. Onnet @ 20ps/min & offnet @ 40ps/min. 
3. SMS charges: Local @ 10ps/SMS & STD @ 50ps/SMS
90 days

This F&F STV is applicable to New Per Min, New Per Sec and New Bandham plans only.

For the first time, the customer has to register 5 F&F numbers and on subsequent recharges of F&F STV, the already registered numbers will continue. The numbers can be changed any number of times and each time Rs.5/ - will be charged per number.