:) Full talk-time on Rs.220, Rs.2000, Rs.2200, Rs.2500 & Rs.3000. Extra talk-time on Rs.550 (talktime-575), Rs. 1100 (talktime-1200) , Rs.3300 (talktime-3500) & Rs.5500 (talktime - 6000)

AP BSNL announces TTA Direct Recruitment Exam Results held on 14-07-2013

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

AP BSNL declared the results for Telecom Technical Assistant examination conducted on 14-July-2013. Congratulations to all the selected candidates.

See these links for selected candidates list and wiating list.

AP BSNL Discounts to Government/PSU Employees

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

BSNL is offering special discounts for employees of central government, state government and Public sector companies under broadband/mobile services. Retired government/PSU employees also are eligible to get these rebates. These discounts are available in postpaid services only.

AP BSNL revised discount on Landline Broadband services from 20% to 10% with effective from 01-10-2013.

Discounts offered to Govt/PSU employees by AP BSNL:

  • 10% discount on Landline Broadband services (usage and Rental) of both existing/new connection. 
  • A discount of 10% on Fixed Monthly Charges(FMC) of all 3G postpaid data plans on both existing / new connection.
  • A discount of 10% on Fixed Monthly Charges(FMC) of unlimited EVDO postpaid data plan-750.
  • No security deposit (Rs.500/- for others) is required for Local/STD facility in GSM&CDMA postpaid mobile services.
Are you using these discounts to save a few bucks?

AP BSNL Introduced New Prepaid Data STV-1949 with 20GB Free Data

AP BSNL introduced longer validity data STV with MRP Rs.1949/- for prepaid 2G/3G customers, offering 20GB free data with 60 days validity.

Bid Your Fancy Number in AP BSNL E-Auction till 14-December-13

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

BSNL is once again auctioning mobile vanity numbers in AP telecom circle till 14th December, 2013. There are 10,999 numbers available for bidding with starting bid amount in the range of Rs.750 to Rs.30000.

Register at BSNL E-auction site, to participate in bid. A non-refundable amount Rs.150 has to be paid for each bidding number as a registration amount by Credit/Debit/Online transfer.

The vanity number will be allotted to highest bidder on receipt of Bid amount + service tax of  12.36% at any BSNL Customer Service Center within 10 working days, subject to the verification of all required documents.

What are you waiting for? participate in bid and get your fancy number now.

AP BSNL Introduces "Akarsh" Prepaid Plan

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

BSNL is introducing one more prepaid plan, Akarsh from 30-Oct-13 for its 2G&3G prepaid customers in AP telecom circle.

Unique feature of this plan is all voice call are charged at 33ps/min and SMS is charged at 10ps/SMS. To extend the plan validity recharge with plan voucher Rs.299.

When compared with Nestham plan, this plan doesn't give you free monthly SMS and Friends and Family scheme is  not allowed.

Plan Details:

Plan Voucher Cost : Rs.299
Initial Freebies:

On-net : 600sec(Local&STD)
Off-net : 600 sec(Local&STD)
Video Call : NIL
Data : NIL
SMS : 50
Voice Call Charges:

: 33ps/min - Local/STD, Any network
Video Call Charges:

: Rs.0.7/min - Local, Any network

: Re.1/min - STD, Any network
SMS Charges:
Local/National : 10ps/SMS
Data Usage Charges : 2ps/10KB
Roaming Charges:
Incoming call :Rs.0.75/min
outgoing local call :Re.1/Min (Any N/W)
outgoing STD call :Rs.1.5/Min (Any N/W)
Incoming SMS :Free
outgoing local SMS :Re.1
outgoing national SMS :Re.1
International :Rs.5
Incoming video call :Rs.0.75/min
outgoing video call :Re.1/min (Local/STD, Any N/W)
Validity: 180 days

Are you going to switch to this plan?.

AP BSNL Introduces New Voice STV-304 with 900 min any net calls

AP BSNL introduced new voice STV-304 with 30 days validity from 30-October-2013. It is a different STV compared existing voice STVs.

(MRP in Rs)
Free Calls Offered
(in days)
304Daily 30 min (Local/STD) any network calls. 30

So it offers total 900 min of any network calls, effective cost per minute is Rs 0.337. Do you like this STV? Are you going to use this?

AP BSNL Revises STV135, STV185 and STV399 Tariff: More Offnet Minutes

AP BSNL revised voiced STV-135, STV-185 and STV-399 tariff. Each STV now offers more Off-net minutes. Revised tariff is applicable from 30-Oct-2013

Revised STV-135, STV-185 and STV-399 tariff:

STV Exisintg Tariff Existing Validity Revised Tariff Revised Validity
STV-135   125 Min On-net + 125 Min Off-net 30 days 125 Min On-net + 150 Min Off-net 30 days
STV-185 175 Min On-net + 175 Min Off-net 30 days 175 Min On-net + 225 Min Off-net 30 days
STV-399 375 Min On-net + 375 Min Off-net 60 days 375 Min On-net + 525 Min Off-net 60 days

BSNL Launches My BSNL App for Android and Windows Phone

Saturday, 5 October 2013

BSNL launched "My BSNL App" for android and windows phone users to facilitate recharge on the go to smart phone users.

There are already many mobile recharge apps available like paytm, mobikwik etc.. where you can recharge/topup your prepaid mobiles. But in this app in addition to prepaid recharge, you can also pay BSNL postpaid GSM, Landline, Wimax, CDMA bills.

Features of the BSNL App:

  1. Prepaid Top-up/Flexi Top-up, STV recharge, Plan change and Plan extension.
  2. You can view prepaid balance and validity.
  3. Postpaid Mobile/Landline/WiMax Bill Payment
  4. Supports All the payment options - Credit card, Debit card and Onlline net banking.
  5. Transaction History.
Android users, download at Google Play Store. Windows phone users at Windows Phone App Store 

Will you use this app?. Already using? share your experience with us!!!.

Extra 10% Prepaid/Postpaid Data from AP BSNL

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

AP BSNL is offering extra 10% data under prepaid/postpaid services on the occasion of BSNL Day and festivals like Mahatma Gandhi Jayanthi, Dussehra, Id-ul-Zuha, Christmas etc., w.e.f 01-Oct-2013 for a period of 90 days.

Extra 10% Data under Prepaid Data Vouchers:

For Data STV with MRP Rs.98 and above extra 10% data is offered.

Data Voucher Free Data Offered Currently Data Offered from 01-10-13 Validity
STV-98 700MB 770MB 21 days
STV-140 1GB 1.1GB 30 days
STV-252 2GB 2.2GB 30 days
STV-561 5GB 5.5GB 30 days
STV-1011 10GB 11GB 30 days
STV-821 7GB 7.7GB 60 days

Extra 10% Data under Postpaid Data Plans:

This extra freebie is applicable to existing and new postpaid users, and is automatically added to their account for three months, i.e, October, November and December, 2013

Recharge and enjoy these festive freebies!!!

AP BSNL Introduced Longer Validity Data STV-821 with 7GB Free Data

Monday, 30 September 2013

AP BSNL introduced new longer validity uniform data STV-821 with the following features.

Uniform Data RCV
(MRP in Rs)
Free Data
(in days)

AP BSNL introduced Two New Voice STV: STV-123 and STV-300

Monday, 16 September 2013

BSNL AP Circle introduced following new Special Tariff Vouchers for the benefit of GSM 2G/3G Prepaid customers for reduced charges with a longer validity period of 90 days under voice/SMS category.

Details of New Longer validity STV:

STV MRP(Rs)STV Feature  Validity
STV-123 123Local Any network [email protected]/2sec 90 days
STV-300 300SMS: Local/National @10p/SMS
Voice(Local/STD): [email protected]/Min, [email protected]/Min
90 days

AP BSNL Restored Free SMS: Nestham [email protected]/Month and Vennel [email protected]/Month

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

As you are aware,  from 01-August-13, BSNL reduced free SMS in Nestham plan to 20 per month and in Vennela Super plan to 30 per month. From 01-Sept-13, free SMS are completely withdrawn.

On strong customer request, AP BSNL restored free SMS offered in Nestham and Vennela plans to 60 and 100 per month respectively.

Free SMS and F&F features are the USP of the Nestham/Vennela Super plans. By restoring free SMS, BSNL did a right and great job.

You can check free SMS by dialing *125#. What do you think about this revision? Are you happy?

BSNL Market Share in AP as on June-2013

Saturday, 7 September 2013

According to latest telecom subscriber base report released by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) as on 30-June-2013, BSNL has a market share of 14.52% in Andhra Pradesh telecom circle in wireless segment( GSM, CDMA and FWP).

Total subscriber base in AP is 6,50,88,759 (~6.5 crores). BSNL added to its network  39,614 subscribers during 30th May to 30th June. 

Airtel has a market share of 28.46% (~1.85 crores) followed by Idea with a market share of 17.77% (~1.15 crores).

BSNL stood third with 94,50,473 (~94.5 lakhs) subscribers which corresponds to a market share to 14.52%.

AP BSNL Relaunched Swagatham Plan

Saturday, 24 August 2013

BSNL AP Telecom Circle Re-launched the SWAGATHAM Prepaid Plan for 90 days from 23-08-2013. MRP of the SWAGATHAM plan including SRC is Rs.21/- with 180 days validity.

Initial freebies:

  1. All ON-NET & OFF-NET calls will be charged @ 1 P s/ 2 Sec for two months. 
  2. SMS ON-NET will be charged @ 5 Ps/SMS & OFF-NET @ 15 Ps/SMS for two months. 
  3. Free ANY NET SMS : 20 nos.
  4. Free Local/STD ON-NET Calls 400 Sec.
  5. Free Local/STD OFF-NET Calls 200 Sec
  6. Free Data : 5 MB

Normal Tariff:

  1. Local ON-NET Calls: 1.2 Ps/ Sec; 
  2. STD ON-NET Call s 1.5 Ps/Sec 
  3. Local/STD OFF-NET Calls 1.5 Ps/Sec 

Revised SMS STV Tariff and New SMS STV-31/147 from 15-August-2013

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

As a Independence day offer, AP BSNL is revising SMS vouchers: STV-12, STV-23, STV-52 and STV-83 from 15-08-2103. Two new SMS vouchers, STV-31 and STV-147 are also introduced from tomorrow.

Details of Revised SMS STV Tariff and New STVs:

SMS STV Exisintg TariffExisting Validity Revised TariffRevised Validity
STV-12 Local/National on-net [email protected]/SMS
Local/National Off-net [email protected]/SMS
7 days 130 SMS 7 days
STV-23 -do-15 days 265 SMS 15 days
STV-52 -do-60 days 860 SMS 30 days
STV-83 Local/National on-net [email protected]/SMS
Local/National Off-net [email protected]/SMS
20 days 1650 SMS 30 days
STV-31 ---- 385 SMS 30 days
STV-147 ---- 3000 SMS 60 days

Every SIM is allowed 100 SMS/day with the above tariff after that you will be charged either Rs 0.5/- or your plan SMS tariff, whichever is higher.

What do you think about these new SMS tariff?

Full Usage Value on Topups: 220 and 550

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

BSNL AP Telecom circle is offering full usage value on topups 220 and 550 vouchers of prepaid GSM mobile services for a period of 10 days with effect from 08-08-2013 to 17-08-2013

AP BSNL Reduced Freebies: 20 SMS/month in Nestham Plan

Thursday, 1 August 2013

BSNL AP circle has revised the freebies offered with existing plans under GSM prepaid services with effective from 01-08-2013.

Revised voice STV tariff:

Prepaid Plan NameExisting FreebiesRevised Freebies

Free voice calls 2400 sec Free voice calls 1200 sec 

Free local SMS 100 (initially)Free Local SMS NIL (initially)

Free local SMS per month: 60Free local SMS per month: 20 (for 6 months)
Vennela Super (2G):

Free voice calls 2000 sec Free voice calls 2000 sec 

Free local SMS 200 (initially)Free Local SMS NIL (initially)

Free local SMS per month: 100Free local SMS per month: 30 (for 6 months)
Vennela Super (3G):

Free voice calls 2000 sec Free voice calls 2800 sec 

Free local SMS 200 (initially)Free Local SMS NIL (initially)

Free local SMS per month: 100Free local SMS per month: 30 (for 6 months)

Note: The free SMS per month allowed for closed plans Viz. Vennela match 2G&3G, Power pack, Vennela Plus, Vennela, Nestham Match plans is withdrawn w.e.f. 01-08-2013.

Revised Voice STV tariff: STV-59/[email protected]/2s

BSNL AP circle has revised the tariff of existing voice special tariff vouchers with effective from 01-08-2013. With this revision, there are no vioce STVs offering 1paise/2sec.

Revised voice STV tariff:

Special Tariff VoucherExisting TariffRevised Tariff
STV-59Local/STD any network @ 1ps/2sec for 30 days Local/STD any [email protected] 1.2ps/2sec for 30 days.
STV-160Local/STD any network @ 1ps/2sec for 90 days Local/STD any [email protected] 1.2ps/2sec for 90 days.
STV-135Free 200 min On-net+ Free 200 min Off-net for 30 days Free 125 min On-net+ Free 125 min Off-net for 30 days
STV-185Free 400 min to any Net work for 30 days  Free 175 min On-net+ Free 175 min Off-net for 30 days 
STV-399Free 900 min to any Net work for 60 days Free 375 min On-net+ Free 375 min Off-net for 60 days 

Data Card Offer for AP BSNL Broandband and Mobile Data Users

For Broadband customers:

AP BSNL is offering 3.6Mbps data card at reduced price for broadband customers for a period of 90 days w.e.f. 27-07-2013, details of the offer are:
  1. For monthly rent paying customers: sale price of data card is Rs.800/- (Excl. of VAT) for ADSL Broadband customers with FMC greater or equal to Rs.600/- plan.
  2. For annual paying customers: sale price of data card is Rs.500/- (Excl. of VAT) for ADSL Broadband customers with any FMC plan.
  3. Normal SIM is free, If customer wants USIM then an additional Rs.59/- is to be charged.
  4. SUK with 1GB free data usage embedded in the SIM with a validity of 30 days for  Rs.148/- (incl.of S.Tax)
  5. Plan voucher Rs.51(Incl. of S.Tax) (free 200 MB) shall be purchased for activation of data plan.
  6. Free data is to be used within 30 days.

For mobile data customers:

For data plan voucher(DPV) customers, BSNL is offering 3.6Mbps data card at reduced price from 01-08-2013 for 30 days or till the stock is available.

Data Plan VoucherData Card Price(Rs)

Extra Onnet Talktime with Topups: 200 and 220

Friday, 26 July 2013

AP BSNL is offering extra BSNL to BSNL minutes for prepaid customers on flexi top-up 200 and top-up 220 for a period of 5 days from 27-07-13 to 31-07-13.

Top-up(Rs)Regular Talk-time (Rs)Extra Talk-time Extra Talk-time Validity
200175.0025 minutes30 days
220192.8030 minutes30 days

To check xtra onnet talktime, dial *127#
You can check the extra talk time and validity details by dialing *127#.