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AP BSNL Broadband Configuration/Troubleshooting Guide

Sunday 23 February 2014

Modem screenshot before upgrade
As you all are eagerly waiting  to test revised broadband speeds from 01-Feb-2014, I am giving small guide regarding how to check your Line speed.

Screenshot shows some of the parameters regarding ADSL connection in my TP-LINK modem. 

SNR Margin / Line Attenuation shows your line quality. 

SNR should be high (more than 20db) and Line attenuation should be low. (Less than 40db).

Max Rate shows your ADSL line maximum possible data rate . In the figure it shows ~20Mbps download speed and ~1Mbps upload speed.

But BSNL caps the port speed at the exchange, that is shown as Data Rate in the figure. I am in Home Combo ULD 650 plan, so my line speed is capped to 1999kbps (2Mbps) download speed. To get revised speed (4Mbps in ULD 650 plan) , BSNL has to increase this port speed to 4000kbps (Which has to be done at exchange by BSNL).

You can also check these values by logging into your modem via browser and find whether your port speed is modified according to the revised speeds corresponding to your plan.
Modem screenshot after upgrade

Update (13-Feb-2014):

Here is the latest screenshot of my Line parameters. Now it shows increased Data Rate of 4000kbps in Downstream.

Update (23-Feb-2014):

Speedtest.net result after FUP limit.

BB Speed testBB Speed test after FUP limit