:) Full talk-time on Rs.220, Rs.2000, Rs.2200, Rs.2500 & Rs.3000. Extra talk-time on Rs.550 (talktime-575), Rs. 1100 (talktime-1200) , Rs.3300 (talktime-3500) & Rs.5500 (talktime - 6000)

Revised Unlimited Voice STVs, New STV-121 and [email protected]/2sec

Tuesday 18 June 2013

BSNL AP circle revised the tariff and validity of some of the voice special tariff vouchers w.e.f 18-06-13. STV-43 tariff is revised to 1.2paise/2sec from current 1paise/2sec. 

STV-121 is introduced with 1800 Min local/STD onnet night(11pm-6am) calls with 30 days validity.

Existing and Revised Tariff Details:

STVExisting TariffValidity Revised Tariff Validity
STV-43Local any net call @ 1paise/2sec30Local any net call @ 1.2paise/2sec30
STV-34Unlimited Local/STD on net180 Min Local/STD Any-net1
STV-164Unlimited Local/STD on net7Unlimited Local/STD on net6
STV-344Unlimited Local on net30Unlimited Local on net27
STV-574Unlimited Local/STD on net30Unlimited Local On-net call and 500 Min free Local/STD calls Any-net27
STV-894Unlimited Local on net90Unlimited Local on net81
STV-1494Unlimited Local/STD on net90Unlimited Local On-net call and 1500 Min free Local/STD calls Any-net 81