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Call Forwarding Activation/Deactivation

Thursday 25 August 2011

Call forwarding or diverting is a feature that allows an incoming call to be redirected to another number. Forwarded call is treated as out going call from where it is redirected, so both the caller and the person who redirects the call are being charged for that call.

BSNL is providing this facility for mobile users, but you can forward only to own network(BSNL mobile/land line) not to other networks. This can be activated/cancelled  either by using call settings menu provided in the phone or by dialling the following service codes.

Call forward can be enabled for:

  • All calls
  • If busy
  • If not answered
  • If out of reach/switched off

Service Codes:

Forward ServiceActivateCancel
All Calls
If busy
If not answered
If out of reach

number should be in international format i.e., +9194XXXXXXXX. If the number is voice mail no(+9117010) then call forwarding becomes missed call alert service.

Try this to avoid cell phone radiation for free:

While at home divert all your mobile calls to your land line phone, if you are in bandham plan (unlimited free calls from mobile to land line).