:) Full talk-time on Rs.220, Rs.2000, Rs.2200, Rs.2500 & Rs.3000. Extra talk-time on Rs.550 (talktime-575), Rs. 1100 (talktime-1200) , Rs.3300 (talktime-3500) & Rs.5500 (talktime - 6000)

AP BSNL 2G Data Plans

Wednesday 17 April 2013

All these data vouchers can be activated by sending SMS to 123 by deducting amount from available main balance.

 2G/3G Data Voucher Details (As on 21-Apr-16):

2G/3G Uniform Data RCV
(MRP in Rs)
Free Data
(in days)
SMS Code
4 20MB 1 (ends at 11:59pm, on same day) STV DATA4
17 110MB 1 STV DATA17
28 150MB 3 STV DATA28
39 200MB 5 STV DATA39
56 250MB 21 STV DATA56
68 1GB 1 STV DATA68
78 1GB 5 STV DATA78
98 650MB 14 STV DATA98
155 1GB 15 STV DATA155
198 1GB 24 STV DATA198
239 1GB + Rs.80 Talk-time 14 STV DATA239
241 1.2GB 30 STV DATA241
292 2GB 30 STV DATA292
561 5GB 30 STV DATA561
444 3GB 60 STV DATA444
451 2GB + Rs.80 Talk time 60 STV DATA451
821 6GB 60 STV DATA821
1099 10GB 60 STV DATA1099
1949 21GB 90 STV DATA1949
3099 15GB + Unlimited On-net voice calls (Local/STD/Roaming) + 500 min Off-net voice calls (Local/STD/Roaming) 30 STV DATA3099

Unlimited Data STV (As on 21-Apr-16):

2G/3G Unlimited Data Plans
(MRP in Rs)
Free Data
(in days)
SMS Code
398 Speed 80kbps beyond 2GB 30 STV DATA398
629 Speed 80kbps beyond 3GB 30 STV DATA629
2399 Speed 80kbps beyond 16GB 60 STV DATA2399

There will be no differentiation for use of 3G or 2G network as BSNL has enabled its all subscribers with 3G facility and they can use the service anytime simply by having 3G handset.

So you can get 3G speeds with any (2G/3G) plan, if your handset supports 3G and you are in a 3G coverage area. If free data limit is crossed, data is charged at 3ps/10KB.