Special Tariff Vouchers

Special tariff vouchers are available for prepaid BSNL customers in AP circle, to get reduced call, SMS and data charges. These are available for both 2G&3G customers.

Reduced SMS and free data usage is applicable on roaming also. Reduced voice and video rates are not applicable in roaming.

AP & Telangana BSNL migrated prepaid numbers to new ALU IN (Alcatel-Lucent Intelligent Network). Existing SMS based services to short code 53733, will henceforth be handled by self care of ALU IN with the new short code 123 from Jan-2015.

Limited Voice/Video STV (Category-1) :

STVTariff2G/3G Validity
(in days)
SMS Code to 123
STV-5Free incoming in roaming. 1.5ps/sec to Local/STD calls2G&3G1STV VOICE5
STV-33Free incoming in roaming. 1.5ps/sec to Local/STD calls2G&3G7-
STV-67Free incoming in roaming. 1.5ps/sec to Local/STD calls2G&3G30STV VOICE67
STV-90Free incoming in roaming. 1.5ps/sec to Local/STD calls2G&3G90STV VOICE90
STV-43Local calls to any network @ 1.4ps/2sec 2G&3G30STV VOICE43
STV-123Local calls to any network @ 1.4ps/2sec2G&3G90STV VOICE123
STV-59Local/STD calls to any network @ 1.2ps/2sec 2G&3G30STV VOICE59
STV-160Local/STD calls to any network @ 1.2ps/2sec 2G&3G90STV VOICE160
STV-47Local/STD BSNL @ 20ps/min2G&3G28STV VOICE47
STV-65Local BSNL @ 12ps/min2G&3G28STV VOICE65
STV-57125 Min Local Video Calls FREE3G30STV VOICE57
STV-71Rs.20 talk-value+ Local any net @ 30ps/Min2G&3G30STV VOICE71
STV-121  Free 1800 Min Local/STD On-net Night (11 PM to 6 AM)2G&3G30STV VOICE121
STV-135125 min onnet + 150 min offnet (Local/STD) 2G&3G30STV VOICE135
STV-185175 min onnet + 225 min offnet (Local/STD) 2G&3G30STV VOICE185
STV-201400 min Free to any Network  
STV-399375 min onnet + 525 min offnet (Local/STD) 2G&3G60STV VOICE399
STV-30430 Min/day Free to any Network (Local/STD)2G&3G30STV VOICE304
STV-16All STD calls @ Rs.1.30/3Min2G&3G30-
STV-42All STD calls @ Rs.0.40/Min2G&3G30-
STV-84All STD calls @ Rs.0.35/Min2G&3G84-
STV-125  Free 177 minutes Any-net (Local/STD) + Free 200MBdata  + Free 100 SMS ( Local/National)2G&3G30STV VOICE125

Unlimited Voice STV (Category-2) :

STVTariffApplicability Validity
(in days)
SMS Code
STV-3480 Min Local/STD Any-net2G&3G1STV VOICE34
STV-344Free 60 Min/day Local On-Net Calls2G&3G27STV VOICE344
STV-894Free 60 Min/day Local On-Net Calls2G&3G81STV VOICE894

SMS STV(Category-3):

SMS STV Free SMSApplicability Validity
(in days)
SMS Code
STV-12 130 2G&3G 7 STV SMS12
STV-23 2652G&3G15 STV SMS23
STV-31 3852G&3G30 STV SMS31
STV-35 6002G&3G15 STV SMS35
STV-52 8602G&3G30 STV SMS52
STV-83 16502G&3G30 STV SMS83
STV-147 30002G&3G60 STV SMS147

Combo STV Tariff Additional BenefitsApplicability Validity (in days)SMS Code
Combo SMS-32 Onnet - Free 100 SMS/day. Offnet @ 12p/SMS (Local&National) -2G&3G 15 STV SMS33
Combo SMS-53 Onnet - Free 100 SMS/day. Offnet @ 12p/SMS (Local&National) - 2G&3G 30 STV SMS53

Uniform 2G&3G Data plans from 15-Aug-13 (Category-4):

2G/3G Uniform Data RCV
(MRP in Rs)
Free Data
(in days)
SMS Code
17 90MB 2 STV DATA17
39 200MB 6 STV DATA39
73* 200MB 21 -
78 450MB 12 STV DATA78
98 650MB 17 STV DATA98
105* 300MB 30 -
140 1GB 19 STV DATA140
155 1GB 26 STV DATA155
176 1GB 28 STV DATA176
252 2GB 30 STV DATA252
561 5GB 30+60^ STV DATA561
1011 10GB 30+60^ STV DATA1011
821 7GB 60+30^ STV DATA821
1949 20GB 60+30^ STV DATA1949

*Promotional basis from 20-feb-2015 for a period of 60 days.
^Promotional basis from 23-feb-2015 for a period of 90 days.

ISD STV (Category-5):

(MRP Rs)
Countries Voice Call Rate
SMS Rate
(in days)
SMS Code
18 Nepal 8.50 5 30 STV ISD18
41 Canada, China, Singapore, U.S.A 1.49 3 30 STV ISD41
27 Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand 2.99 3 30 STV ISD27
38 France, Germany, UK 4.99 3 30 STV ISD38
22 Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait 6.49 3 30 ISD22