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AP BSNL Restored Free SMS: Nestham Plan@60SMS/Month and Vennel Super@100SMS/Month

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

As you are aware,  from 01-August-13, BSNL reduced free SMS in Nestham plan to 20 per month and in Vennela Super plan to 30 per month. From 01-Sept-13, free SMS are completely withdrawn.

On strong customer request, AP BSNL restored free SMS offered in Nestham and Vennela plans to 60 and 100 per month respectively.

Free SMS and F&F features are the USP of the Nestham/Vennela Super plans. By restoring free SMS, BSNL did a right and great job.

You can check free SMS by dialing *125#. What do you think about this revision? Are you happy?