AP BSNL Special Tariff Vouchers

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Special tariff vouchers are available for prepaid BSNL customers in AP circle, to get reduced call, SMS and data charges. These are available for both 2G&3G customers.

Reduced SMS and free data usage is applicable on roaming also. Reduced voice and video rates are not applicable in roaming.

AP & Telangana BSNL migrated prepaid numbers to new ALU IN (Alcatel-Lucent Intelligent Network). Existing SMS based services to short code 53733, will henceforth be handled by self care of ALU IN with the new short code 123 from Jan-2015.

Limited Voice/Video STV (Category-1) :

STVTariff2G/3G Validity
(in days)
SMS Code to 123
STV-5Free incoming in roaming. 1.5ps/sec to Local/STD calls2G&3G1STV VOICE5
STV-33Free incoming in roaming. 1.5ps/sec to Local/STD calls2G&3G7-
STV-67Free incoming in roaming. 1.5ps/sec to Local/STD calls2G&3G30STV VOICE67
STV-90Free incoming in roaming. 1.5ps/sec to Local/STD calls2G&3G90STV VOICE90
STV-43Local calls to any network @ 1.4ps/2sec 2G&3G30STV VOICE43
STV-123Local calls to any network @ 1.4ps/2sec2G&3G90STV VOICE123
STV-59Local/STD calls to any network @ 1.2ps/2sec 2G&3G30STV VOICE59
STV-160Local/STD calls to any network @ 1.2ps/2sec 2G&3G90STV VOICE160
STV-47Local/STD BSNL @ 20ps/min2G&3G28STV VOICE47
STV-65Local BSNL @ 12ps/min2G&3G28STV VOICE65
STV-57125 Min Local Video Calls FREE3G30STV VOICE57
STV-71Rs.20 talk-value+ Local any net @ 30ps/Min2G&3G30STV VOICE71
STV-121  Free 1800 Min Local/STD On-net Night (11 PM to 6 AM)2G&3G30STV VOICE121
STV-135125 min onnet + 150 min offnet (Local/STD) 2G&3G30STV VOICE135
STV-185175 min onnet + 225 min offnet (Local/STD) 2G&3G30STV VOICE185
STV-201400 min Free to any Network  
STV-399375 min onnet + 525 min offnet (Local/STD) 2G&3G60STV VOICE399
STV-30430 Min/day Free to any Network (Local/STD)2G&3G30STV VOICE304
STV-16All STD calls @ Rs.1.30/3Min2G&3G30-
STV-42All STD calls @ Rs.0.40/Min2G&3G30-
STV-84All STD calls @ Rs.0.35/Min2G&3G84-
STV-125  Free 177 minutes Any-net (Local/STD) + Free 200MBdata  + Free 100 SMS ( Local/National)2G&3G30STV VOICE125

Unlimited Voice STV (Category-2) :

STVTariffApplicability Validity
(in days)
SMS Code
STV-3480 Min Local/STD Any-net2G&3G1STV VOICE34
STV-344Free 60 Min/day Local On-Net Calls2G&3G27STV VOICE344
STV-894Free 60 Min/day Local On-Net Calls2G&3G81STV VOICE894

SMS STV(Category-3):

SMS STV Free SMSApplicability Validity
(in days)
SMS Code
STV-12 130 2G&3G 7 STV SMS12
STV-23 2652G&3G15 STV SMS23
STV-31 3852G&3G30 STV SMS31
STV-35 6002G&3G15 STV SMS35
STV-52 8602G&3G30 STV SMS52
STV-83 16502G&3G30 STV SMS83
STV-147 30002G&3G60 STV SMS147

Combo STV Tariff Additional BenefitsApplicability Validity (in days)SMS Code
Combo SMS-32 Onnet - Free 100 SMS/day. Offnet @ 12p/SMS (Local&National) -2G&3G 15 STV SMS33
Combo SMS-53 Onnet - Free 100 SMS/day. Offnet @ 12p/SMS (Local&National) - 2G&3G 30 STV SMS53

Uniform 2G&3G Data plans from 15-Aug-13 (Category-4):

2G/3G Uniform Data RCV
(MRP in Rs)
Free Data
(in days)
SMS Code
17 90MB 2 STV DATA17
39 200MB 6 STV DATA39
73* 200MB 21 -
78 450MB 12 STV DATA78
98 650MB 17 STV DATA98
105* 300MB 30 -
140 1GB 19 STV DATA140
155 1GB 26 STV DATA155
176 1GB 28 STV DATA176
252 2GB 30 STV DATA252
561 5GB 30+60^ STV DATA561
1011 10GB 30+60^ STV DATA1011
821 7GB 60+30^ STV DATA821
1949 20GB 60+30^ STV DATA1949

*Promotional basis from 20-feb-2015 for a period of 60 days.
^Promotional basis from 23-feb-2015 for a period of 90 days.

ISD STV (Category-5):

(MRP Rs)
Countries Voice Call Rate
SMS Rate
(in days)
SMS Code
18 Nepal 8.50 5 30 STV ISD18
41 Canada, China, Singapore, U.S.A 1.49 3 30 STV ISD41
27 Bangladesh, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand 2.99 3 30 STV ISD27
38 France, Germany, UK 4.99 3 30 STV ISD38
22 Australia, Bahrain, Indonesia, Kuwait 6.49 3 30 ISD22

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