:)Full Talktime on top-up vouchers Rs.100 to Rs.1000 till 22-Sept-2014

Extra Validity of 2G/3G Data STV from 14-August-2014

Saturday, 16 August 2014

On the occasion of Independence day, AP BSNL is providing extra validity on Data STV-561, STV-821, STV-1011 and STV-1949 from 14-August-2014 to 11-Nov-2014.

2G/3G Data Voucher Details:

Uniform Data RCV
(MRP in Rs)
Free Data
(in days)
5615GB30 + 30
101110GB30 + 60
8217GB60 + 30
194920GB60 + 30

Extra validity is shown in bold.

There will be no differentiation for use of 3G or 2G network as BSNL has enabled its all subscribers with 3G facility and they can use the service anytime simply by having 3G handset.

So you can get 3G speeds with any (2G/3G) plan, if your handset supports 3G and you are in a 3G coverage area.

AP BSNL Extra Talk Time Offer

On the occasion of Independence Day and festive season, Andhra Pradesh BSNL circle (AP & Telangana) is offering extra talk-time on following top-up vouchers:

Top-up AmountTalk-time Offered Offer Valid From Offer Valid Till
Rs.550 Rs.575 14-Aug-2014 11-Nov-2014
Rs.750 Rs.790 14-Aug-2014 11-Nov-2014
Rs.1010 to Rs.2990 10% Extra Talk-Time 25-June-2014 22-Sept-2014

AP BSNL Full Talk Time Offer

AP BSNL is offering full usage value on top-up vouchers Rs.100 to Rs.1000 from 25-June-2014 to 22-September-2014. 

AP BSNL Introduces Two Unlimited Postpaid Data Add-on Plans

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

AP BSNL introduced two new unlimited data Add-on plans under postpaid GSM mobile services w.e.f 02-Aug-2014. If you are a postpaid user go to nearest BSNL office to activate these add-on plans.

Details of the Postpaid Add-on Data Plans:

Fixed Monthly Charges
(Excl Service Tax) in Rs
Free UsageAdditional tariff details
240UnlimitedSpeed 80kbps beyond 1GB 
340UnlimitedSpeed 80kbps beyond 2GB 

AP BSNL Introdcues Three New STD STV: STV-16, STV-42 and STV-84

AP BSNL introduced three new STD vouchers under prepaid 2G/3G GSM services from 02-Aug-2014 for a period of 90 days:

MRP of STV in Rs. (incl. of S.Tax)
STV Feature
SMS keyword to be sent to 53733
Amount to be deducted by IN Rs
All STD calls @ Rs.1.30/3Min
30 days
All STD calls @ Rs.0.40/Min
30 days
All STD calls @ Rs.0.35/Min
84 days

AP BSNL: Introduces F&F STV-97 for Per Min/Per Sec/Bandham Prepaid Plans

AP BSNL introduced new Friends & Family STV-97 under prepaid GSM 2G/3G services w.e.f 03-Aug-2014 as follows:

MRP of STV in Rs.(incl. of S.Tax)
STV Feature
SMS keyword to be sent to 53733
Amount to be deducted by IN Rs
1. 60 Minutes any net voice call 
2. Reduced call charges to 5 friend & family Local numbers while in Home LSA. Onnet @ 20ps/min & offnet @ 40ps/min. 
3. SMS charges: Local @ 10ps/SMS & STD @ 50ps/SMS
90 days

This F&F STV is applicable to New Per Min, New Per Sec and New Bandham plans only.

For the first time, the customer has to register 5 F&F numbers and on subsequent recharges of F&F STV, the already registered numbers will continue. The numbers can be changed any number of times and each time Rs.5/ - will be charged per number.