Ramzan Special Tariff Voucher-786 From AP BSNL

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

On the occasion of holy Ramzan BSNL AP Circle is offering STV-786 under 2G&3G prepaid mobile service with the following features for a period of 90 days w.e.f 20-June-2015 to 17-Sept-2015.

STV-786 Details:

MRP of STV : Rs786/-
Free Talk Value : Rs.786 Talk-time
Free SMS : Onnet- 393 & Offnet-393
SMS Validity : 30 days

AP BSNL Offers Free Incoming in National Roaming w.e.f 15-June-2015

Sunday, 14 June 2015

AP BSNL is offering free Incoming calls in National Roaming for all prepaid/postpaid mobile subscribers w.e.f 15-June-2015.

Existing Roaming STV/addons are withdrawn w.e.f 15-06-2015.

AP BSNL Unlimited Free Night calling from Landline Phones

Thursday, 30 April 2015

AP BSNL has introduced unlimited free calling during night hours (9PM-7AM) from its Landline phones to any mobile/Landline of any network to any where in India w.e.f 01-May-2015.

Under this scheme following Landline/Broadband plans are eligible:

  • Rural General Plan-120
  • Rural General Plan-170
  • One India Plan-195
  • Special Old-650
  • Special Plan-450
  • Super Plan-1450
  • Rural UL-350
  • Urban UL-450
  • Rural UL-500 
  • Urban UL-600
  • Urban General Plan-140 
  • Urban General Plan-195
  • Economy Old-150 
  • Economy Plan-330 
  • Special Plus-975 
  • Premium Plan-2450 
  • BBG Rural Combo 350  
  • BBG Rural Combo UL 650 
  • BBG Rural Combo 999  
  • BBG CNT Combo 630
  • BBG Combo ULD 675
  • BBG Combo ULD 845
  • BBG Combo ULD 945 
  • BBG Combo ULD 999
  • BBG Combo ULD 1445 
  • BBG Combo ULD 1495
  • BBG Combo ULD 1800 
  • BBG Combo ULD 2250
  • BBG Combo ULD 2799
  • BBG Combo ULD 3445
  • BBG Combo ULD 3500  
  • BBG Combo ULD 6300   
  • BBG Speed Combo 2949
  • BBG Super Speed Combo 5249 
  • BBG Super Speed Combo 7349
  • BBG Combo ULD 1745 VDSL
  • BBG Combo ULD 2845 VDSL
  • BBG Super Speed Combo 3899 VDSL
  • Flexi General Combo Plan 500 
  • Flexi General Combo Plan 750
  • Flexi General Combo Plan 1000 
  • Flexi General Combo Plan 1250
  • Flexi General Combo Plan 1500 

AP BSNL Full Talk Time Offer

Friday, 24 April 2015

On the occasion of festive season, Andhra Pradesh BSNL circle (AP & Telangana) is offering full talk-time on following top-up vouchers:

Top-up AmountTalk-time Offered Offer Valid From Offer Valid Till
Rs.200 to Rs.1000
 (in multiples of 10)
Full talk time 24-Apr-2015 23-July-2015
Rs.1500 to Rs.10000
 (in multiples of 500)
Full talk time 24-Apr-2015 23-July-2015

BSNL Public WiFi Hotspot@Tankbund First Impression: Good Speed and Stable Connection

Friday, 17 April 2015

BSNL in collobaration with Quadgen Wireless launched it's first public wifi hotspot in south india around Hussainsagar lake, which was inaugurated by Telangana IT minister KTR yesterday evening (16-Apr-2015).

I wanted to experience this first of it's kind service in Hyderabad, I thought I will test it today from my office as it is within 10km radius, But to my surprise I didn't get any open hotspot, then I decided to go to tankbund and check in the evening.

Around 6PM, I reached Tankbund. On the way to Tankbund I stopped at different places and checked for open hotspot but I didn't find any. Finally after reaching tankbund I got open hotspot with QFI-BSNL SSID.

How to connect?

When you connect to this hotspot, you will be redirected to login in screen where you can submit your mobile number (to get verification code), name and email. Enter the verification code you get via SMS to mobile number and click on submit then you will be connected and ready to use your 30 minute free quota.

When I checked the speed with speedtest.net, first time I got 9.61Mbps(DL)/2.83Mbps(UL) and second time I got 16.33Mbps(DL)/7.13Mbps(UL) speeds.

I could download a 1.1GB torrent file (not a pirated movie!!!) in less than 10minutes.

When I left the Tankbund after crossing approximately 100meters wifi hotspot got disconnected.


Here are the screen-shots of my phone taken at different times during this test : https://picasaweb.google.com/101485828988209649501/BSNLWifiTankbund?authuser=0&feat=directlink

My first impression after using for 20-25 minutes is speed is good and stable but limited range as opposed to proposed 10km range.

Have you used this service? Do let me know your opinion.

AP BSNL Extra Talk Time Offer

Saturday, 24 January 2015

On the occasion of festive season, Andhra Pradesh BSNL circle (AP & Telangana) is offering extra talk-time on following top-up vouchers:

Top-up AmountTalk-time Offered Offer Valid From Offer Valid Till
Rs.1000 to Rs.4990 10% extra talk time 24-Mar-2015 31-Mar-2015
Rs.5000 to Rs.10000 20% extra talk time 24-Mar-2015