:) Full talk-time on Rs.220, Rs.2000, Rs.2200, Rs.2500 & Rs.3000. Extra talk-time on Rs.550 (talktime-575), Rs. 1100 (talktime-1200) , Rs.3300 (talktime-3500) & Rs.5500 (talktime - 6000)

Roam Free Plan From AP Circle

Thursday 31 May 2012

Earlier BSNL attempted to provide free incoming in roaming with stv-12 but it was withdrawn later. Now it is introducing a new plan which provides free incoming while in roaming from 1st June-2012.

Roam Free Plan Details:

Plan Voucher Cost : Rs199/-
Free Talk Value:

on-net : 4500sec(Local)
off-net : 4500 sec(Local)
Video Call : NIL
Data : 50MB
SMS : 25+25(Local+National)
Plan Validity : 180 days
Voice Call Charges:

: 1.2ps/sec (Local/STD BSNL)

: 1.5ps/sec (Local/STD Other N/w)
Video Call Charges:

: 4ps/sec (Local/STD BSNL)

: 4ps/sec (Local/STD Other N/w)
Friends and Family Charges(2 Nos):
: 40ps/min (2 local BSNL Nos)
SMS Charges:
own net : Local-60ps/SMS, STD-70ps/SMS
Other net : Local-70ps/SMS, STD-80ps/SMS
Data Usage Charges : 2ps/10KB
Roaming Charges:
Incoming call :Free
outgoing local call :1.33ps/sec (Any N/W)
outgoing STD call :1.9ps/sec (Any N/W)
Incoming SMS :Free
outgoing local SMS :25Ps
outgoing national SMS :38Ps
International :Rs.5
Incoming video call :Free
outgoing video call :5Ps/Sec (Local/STD, Any N/W)
Validity: 90 days

To continue in the plan, recharge with plan voucher Rs.199 for every 180 days. If you are roaming in a circle where BSNL is not licensed to operate(Mumbai and New Delhi), you will be charged at Re.1/Min for incoming voice calls.

Tip: For regular usage this plan may not be economical as call charges are higher compared to nestham and Vennela match plans. Migrate to this plan before going out of AP, after returning switch back to your original plan.