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Revised Broadband Speed For Home/Business Users

Friday 17 February 2012

AP BSNL has doubled the speed of some unlimited plans for its home and business users. But it comes with a usage limit cap after that your speed will be reduced.

Plan Existing Revised
BB Home Combo ULD 625256kbps512kbps upto 4GB thereafter 256kbps
BB Home Combo ULD 750512kbps
1Mbps upto 6GB thereafter 512kbps
BBG Combo ULD 8501Mbps upto 8GB thereafter 256kbps2Mbps upto 8GB thereafter 512kbps
BB Home Combo ULD 9004Mbps upto 8GB thereafter 256kbps4Mbps upto 8GB thereafter 512kbps
BBG Combo ULD 13504Mbps upto 20GB thereafter 512kbps4Mbps upto 30GB thereafter 512kbps
BBG Combo ULD17002Mbps upto 40GB thereafter 256kbps4Mbps upto 100GB thereafter 256kbps