2G Prepaid Plans

Various 2G prepaid plans available to choose from BSNL Andhra Pradesh circle. following table lists all the plans sorted by their popularity. To view the complete details of some these plans see the corresponding posts.

2G Plan Plan Voucher (Rs) Talk Value Offered Validity in Days
Swagatham 20 Onnet/Offnet-200sec 180
Nestham 29 1200 sec 180
Bandham 75 Onnet-2000sec & offnet-2000sec 90
Vennela Super 129
(Not available for new customers w.e.f 12-06-2014)
2000 sec 180
Akarsh 299 Onnet-600sec & offnet-600sec 180
Lifetime 36 On-net 16Min & Off-net 8Min 180
Per Sec Plan 42 On-net 1000sec & Off-net 500sec 180
Per Min Plan 37 On-net 18Min & Off-net 9Min 180
General Plan 175 On-net 75Min & Off-net 75Min 180
New General Plan 103 Rs.103 talktime 180
Jai Jawan 99 onnet-2700sec & offnet-2700sec 30
Roam Free Plan 199 onnet-4500sec & offnet-4500sec 180

Out of  these plans Nestham plan is popular. If you are already having landline connection choose Bandham plan with 30min free calls/day from mobile to landline.

For migrating from one plan to other plan use the plan voucher corresponding to that plan.

Note: Migration vouchers and plans vouchers were different earlier now BSNL made both vouchers same. So if you are either new user or existing user recharge with plan voucher corresponding to that plan to get that plan.