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Bandham Plan For AP BSNL Landline/WLL Customers

Friday, 15 April 2011

If you are a subscriber of BSNL fixed line/WLL, you can get one 2G mobile connection free of cost with 30min free calls every day(earlier it was unlimited free calls) to that number along with 200 free SMS and 50MB free data Usage. While in roaming this offer will not be applicable.

Landline/WLL should be on your name only and last paid bill should be submitted.

Bandham Plan Details:

SIM Cost:
2G : Free
3G : Rs.59/-
Plan Voucher Cost : 75
Free TalkValue : 2500sec-onnet^, 2500sec-offnet^
Free SMS : NIL
Free Data Usage:NIL
Voice Call Charges:
To one Landline/WLL :Free 30 Min/day, beyond@ Rs.0.20/Min
on-net mobile :1.2Ps/Sec(Local/STD)
off-net mobile :1.5Ps/Sec(Local/STD)
on-net fixed :1.2Ps/Sec(Local/STD)
off-net fixed :1.8Ps/Sec(Local/STD)
Reduced Call Charges(F&F):40Ps/Min(Two numbers)
Night Call Charges: NA
Video Call Charges:
Incoming :Free
outgoing  on-net :Rs.2/Min(Local/STD)
outgoing off-net :Rs.2/Min(Local/STD)
Free SMS per month: Nil
SMS Charges:
Local :60ps-onnet, 70ps-offnet
National :70ps-onnet, 80ps-offnet
International :Rs.5
Data Usage Charges : Rs0.02/10KB
Roaming Charges:
Incoming call :Re.1/Min
outgoing local call :Re.1/Min (Any N/W)
outgoing STD call :Rs.1.5/Min (Any N/W)
Incoming SMS :Free
outgoing local SMS :85Ps
outgoing national SMS :90Ps
International :Rs.5
Incoming video call :5Ps/Sec
outgoing video call :5Ps/Sec (Local/STD, Any N/W)
Validity: 90 days

Plan validity will be extended by recharging with Bandham plan voucher Rs.75 for every 90 days.
^To be used within 30 days. 

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